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Accelerated Vision HDR #10⁠ NEW!

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HDR #10
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New Perspectives through High Dynamic Range Imaging!

HDR #10 is a cutting-edge HDR program that creates images with a wide dynamic range, far surpassing the human eye and traditional camera techniques. It skilfully masters the most difficult of lighting conditions and effectively eliminates double images of moving objects with its innovative ghosting correction feature. Its user-friendly interface, new artificial intelligence (AI) technology and configurable features make it the ideal tool for anyone looking to unleash the full potential of HDR photography.

  • 136 image templates in ten categories, all optimised with artificial intelligence
  • Image filters in expert mode
  • Module: selective drawing
  • SCA intelligent colour space Yes Yes
  • Tone mapping with artificial intelligence
  • Processing of RAW image files
  • Support for 1296 RAW formats from a wide range of camera manufacturers
  • Virtual micro-details
  • Sensor error correction
  • Comparison view with magnifying glass

The latest version comes with 136 manually configured and AI-based tone mapping presets that let you optimise your motif quickly, intuitively and automatically. If you want to change an image template or perhaps even make your own creative template, simply switch to expert mode, where you have access to professional image filters divided into eight categories. Whether you are working with a single image or a series of exposures, HDR #10 gives you complete control over your lighting conditions, and its professional filters and modules let you fully immerse yourself in the program and edit your images with maximum professionalism.

Enhancing Visual Quality through Dynamic Image Optimization!

The highly advanced HDR #10 image editing software provides you with a customisable interface including a new category bar for switching the editing categories on and off. Two new AI-based HDR fusion methods and four AI-based tone mapping settings give you some impressive options for creating dynamic HDR images. Expert mode includes eleven new AI effects, two new AI masks (sky and depth) and a host of other tools for refining your images with precision.

Finally, HDR #10 now supports a total of 1296 camera models and offers over 40 new RAW formats.

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