Incomedia WebAnimator

Incomedia WebAnimator

Create animations and interactive web content

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Only $81
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Boost your online projects

Create HTML5 animations and interactive content that work perfectly with every browser and device, without writing a single line of code.

What is WebAnimator?

WebAnimator is an offline software to create HTML5 animations and interactive web content.

Easy and intuitive, it allows anyone to free their creativity and create interactive presentations, banners, animated backgrounds and texts to make web pages more beautiful and engaging.

Who's it for?

WebAnimator is perfect for those who don't have programming skills, as well as for experts.

You can animate anything simply by using the powerful features, or you can add custom code to get more refined results.

Why WebAnimator?

WebAnimator is as simple as it is powerful and flexible.

The animations are eye-catching, stunning, entertaining, and fun. That's why they are a must at work, at school and during free time too: because it's the type of content that works very well.

Simple interface

WebAnimator has an intuitive interface that allows you to create your own animations. You can generate and publish animated HTML5 content.

Drag & Drop

Drag & Drop the objects on the canvas and organize the contents in different scenes. Add keyframes on the timeline like a real film director.

Preset Effects

Learn how to customize your website in a matter of minutes with the preset animations and effects included in the software. Choose an effect: WebAnimator does the rest.

Animated backgrounds

Animate the background or foreground elements to make your website even more attractive. Animations in loop are an easy way to give that extra touch.

Banners, menus and buttons

Catch users' attention with animated menus, icons and buttons, guide them where you want. Use WebAnimator to create banners and add them to your website.

Interactive slideshows

Show off your ideas or products more effectively thanks to animated content in HTML5. Get the most out of every project by actively engaging your audience.

Incomedia WebAnimator

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