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Accelerated Vision LUT #1 professional⁠

Perfectly apply image styles to other photos!

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LUT #1 professional

Choose, export, stack variants - Your key to professional photo styles!

Some time ago you developed a picture and you really like the look. Now you want to apply this photo style to other images, but you cannot remember exactly how you created this look. Or perhaps you want to create your own library with a collection of your best filters and photo styles that you can use in other image editing programs? If all this sounds familiar to you, LUT #1 is just the right tool for you!

  • Create an LUT photo style from image
  • Additional balance/area protection modules
  • Adjustable precision of LUT creation
  • User database for LUT photo styles
  • 25 Image templates (presets)
  • LUT colour modes: Full-colour/Exclusive
  • Processing of RAW image files

The manual adaptation of a photo style can be very time consuming, that is why you use so called LUTs. An LUT (or Look-Up Table) is a table that contains certain image parameters such as colour tone, saturation, contrast etc. With the "Colour" parameter, for example, each colour of the original photo is assigned a new colour with the help of a reference image. With LUT #1 professional you can apply any photo style to another image with just a few clicks – no more time-consuming image editing with layers and masks. Create your own professional filter collection!

With the variant browser of LUT #1 you always have an overview of your created LUT photo styles/filters and can select the desired look directly from there. But LUT #1 offers so much more: export your saved LUT photo styles and use them directly in Adobe® Photoshop or Lightroom Classic. This way your newly created looks are immediately available in your personal workflow! You want to apply a specific photo style to several images? No problem – LUT offers a batch processing feature that allows you to apply selected looks directly to a large number of images. LUT #1 revolutionises your image editing and gives your best photos the professional touch – try it out!

The user interface is optimised for HD and Ultra HD (4K) resolution. All main areas can be moved individually, and all buttons feature interactive explanations (tooltips). The different areas are clearly structured: on the left side there are the presets (templates), in the middle you can find the image area of the current editing, and on the right side there are the settings for the LUT photo style creation with your own style database.

Do you prefer working with Photoshop or Lightroom? Then, you can simply use the provided plug-ins for Adobe® Photoshop® CC/Elements and Lightroom Classic®. Please note that the plug-ins are not installed automatically but are provided in a zip file.

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