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Accelerated Vision ZOOM #1 professional⁠

High-quality photo scaling using deep learning technology

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ZOOM #1 professional

Professional image enlargement!

With ZOOM #1 professional, you can scale photos by up to 10,000% using an in-house developed SSSP (Super Symmetric Smart Patches) technology that is based on state-of-the-art Deep Learning techniques, while automatically enhancing the contour sharpness of the image to a professional level with the integrated blur correction. The applications are incredibly diverse: Display your most cherished memories as large prints on the wall, improve the quality of scanned documents, or select a portion of a photo and enlarge only that part – ZOOM #1 offers an appropriate setting for every scaling task.

What actually is DEEP LEARNING?

Deep learning is a specific method of information processing. Its operation is inspired by the learning process of the human brain in many ways. This artificial intelligence employs training methods that continuously analyze existing and new data. Based on available information, the system can repeatedly connect what it has learned with new content, thereby continuing to learn. The system can then make decisions that result from its “experience”.

What can the Sharpness Overdrive mode do?

The Sharpness Overdrive mode is a special blur correction that further enhances the final scaled image. This sharpness mode comes in 3 variations: 'Off,' 'Fine,' and 'Intense.'

Screenshot ZOOM1 - Image - Screenshots

In ZOOM #1, avoid magnification artifacts!

Choose any zoom factor and scale your image up as desired to achieve maximum details. The additional option to input dimensions makes it easier for you to adjust for printing. With the included presets, you can prepare your image optimally for scaling, and in the photographic settings, you can customize the scaled image result to your preferences in terms of color, contrast, and brightness.

The additional option for artifact reduction enables high-quality scaling of small and already heavily compressed JPEG images. Utilize this brand-new technology of specializations and customize the deep learning process to the subject individually. This way, you further enhance the scaling results.

Screenshot ZOOM1 - Image - Screenshots

ZOOM #1 professional features:

  • High-quality image scaling
  • Quality modes: 6
  • Scaling up to 1000 megapixels
  • Specialization for 8 different motif situations
  • Sharpness Overdrive Mode with 3 levels for optimal sharpening
  • Incl. Photoshop® & Lightroom Classic® Plug-Ins
  • Deep Learning Zoom technology SSSP (Super Symmetric Smart Patches)
  • Deep Learning Specializations: 8
  • Batch processing
  • Spectral mode for monochrome images
  • Image cropping
  • Size templates: 34
  • Image templates (presets): 24
  • Processing of RAW image files
  • RAW development module
  • Sharpness Overdrive Mode
  • Adjustment of image size (cm, mm, inches, pica)
  • Assistant for settings, storage, and computation time
  • Comparison view with magnifying glass

Optimized user interface for better overview!

The user interface is optimized for use with HD and Ultra HD (4K) content. All main sections are individually movable, and all buttons come with interactive explanations (tooltips). The different sections are clearly structured, with presets on the left side, the zoom area of the current image in the middle, and settings for image size, calculation quality, and photographic options on the right side.

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