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Accelerated Vision COLOR #7⁠

Optimal image processing in just a few clicks!

$ 11
$ 44

If you want to create expressive images, then COLOR #7 is just right for you!

COLOR #7 automatically optimizes your images upon request and offers you a selection of countless manually optimized image templates in 12 categories, which you can easily apply to your image with just a click. If you want to modify an image template or perhaps create your own creative template, simply switch to Expert Mode, where you have access to 204 professional image filters in 7 categories (Masks, Denoise/Sharpen, Geometry, Exposure, Color, Blurring, and Artistic). In this way, create your own database of creative image templates.


  • Processing of RAW image files
  • Selective processing module
  • Virtual micro-details and grain
  • Sensor error correction
  • Focus peaking analysis
  • Module: Selective drawing
  • Intelligent color space
  • Virtual micro-details
  • Sensor error correction
  • 167 optimised image templates in 12 categories
  • 204 Image filters in expert mode
  • Comparison view with magnifying glass

With COLOR #7, you can optimise your images in no time with a single mouse click, with no need for time-consuming image processing with layers and masks.

The in-house developed technology of the intelligent color space (SCA) allows for the finest increments in the color display and thus guarantees an optimal use of the color space. The selective drawing module enables you to customise specific image areas using our intelligent brush function, which automatically finds contours and thus automatically prevents them from being drawn over – a very fast and effective method for you to make selective image adjustments. Use the integrated export interface for an optimised workflow and transfer images directly to other products such as ANALOG #4 or BLACK & WHITE #7 – this saves valuable time that you can use creatively.

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